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Our goal at 3S Safaris is to provide the ultimate hunting experience at an affordable price. Our farm is located 2hr drive from Port Elizabeth Airport on the East Cape of South Africa.

We are situated on 24,710 acres with access to over 600,000 additional acres of prime hunting habitat South Africa has to offer.

We are proud to offer hunts of self-sustaining herds on our concessions with extensive long term management goals with landowners.

We have teamed up with PH Hennie Van Jaarsveld owner/operator. Hennie has been a full time PH since 2003 and also has his Dangerous Game license as well he is a member of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa).

So whether you are looking for a Plains game Hunt, Photo Safari, or a Dangerous Game Hunt we got you covered. Hennie is also licensed to hunt in Zimbabwe. Be it rifle , bow or handgun we can accommodate all hunting applications.

All hunting is done by walk and stalk method , fair chase hunting at its best. Bow hunting can be done walk and stalk or from hides.

Give me a call we look forward to speaking with you.

South African Big Game Hunting

There are few things in the world like being on the hunt, be it something as common as an Impala or as exotic as a rhino. The thrill of spotting your target, the exhilaration of getting in the right position, and that impossibly electrifying moment when you finally pull the trigger and hit your mark. It all culminates in an experience that puts nearly every other human experience to shame. Novice hunters and pros alike can attest to the excitement of a hunt, the heart-pounding moments that make all your preparation completely worth it. And at 3S Safaris, you can get all of this, and more!